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Dol-fyn Distiller Model A30-D USED

Dol-fyn Distiller Model A30-D USED

Reg. Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $600.00


This slightly used distiller is the same model as our Waterwise 7000.  It originally sold for $1500.  It has been cleaned, checked over thoroughly to assure proper operation.  It is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty, however Custom Pure will provide a 30 day warranty.

Features:  This fully automatic distiller is plumbed directly to your water supply.  As you take water from the 3.75 gallon reservoir, it automatically begins to make a new batch of water.  The Dol-fyn distills up to 9 gallons of water a day and stores purified water in the stainless steel reservoir. The fully automatic operation continuously refills the water storage reservoir... so it is always fresh.  The patented "gravity control" feed system eliminates the need for boiler floats, ensuring reliable performance.  It can also be plumbed with a remote pump to deliver distilled water to your ice maker or a designated faucet at your sink.

Not included:   The installation parts, carbon pre-filter and post-filters can be provided for an additional charge.

This distiller is best suited for people who want high purity water but their source water is high in mineral content or is bacteriologically unsafe.  If you are not sure if this is the right system for your water supply and your water needs, please make use of our free Residential Water Consultation and get the dialog started.

Annual Replacement Parts:  Carbon Pre Filter twice a year (15-CL-10); Distiller GAC post Filter every 2 months (15-WW7000-Post)

Estimated Annual Cost:  $74 per year for carbon cartridges plus electricity cost.

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