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Shower & Bath Filters

Shower Filter HeadChlorine is universally used to disinfect water, by killing bacteria and other microorganisms. But once it arrives in your home, chlorine can negatively affect the family’s personal appearance, comfort and even long-term health. All of our shower filters are made by Sprite with KDF® (a copper and zinc alloy) and Chlorgon® (a non-carbon media) to remove more chlorine at a wider temperature range than any other.

Millions own water filters to remove chlorine from drinking water. But 50% of chlorine exposure occurs in the shower. Unfiltered shower water can increase their exposure to chlorine by absorption through the skin and by inhalation of chlorine vapors. Sprite’s filters reduce chlorine for softer hair and smoother skin. Now you can fight brittle hair, dry skin and dandruff - where health and beauty begin - right in your shower.

Breath easier. Scientific studies have linked chlorinated water to potentially harmful health conditions. Chlorine vaporizes in hot shower water and, when inhaled in the lungs, is transferred into the blood stream. Shower filtration reduces harsh chlorine vapors - so you can breathe easier.

Our shower filters, using Sprite’s patented filtration media, Chlorgon® and KDF® removes or reduces:


  • Free Chlorine
  • Combined Chlorine
  • Rust, dirt and sediment
  • Hydrogen Suflide (rotten egg odor
  • Other odors

Custom Pure offers a variety of models and colors to meet your particular price range and design preference. Choose from:

High Output™
White plastic housing or all brass housing; use your own shower head; cartridge life rating of 1 year.

Brass housing in polished chrome or polished brass; with or without shower head; cartridge life rating of 6 months.

Royale™ All-in-One®
Filter and shower head all in one; 5 way massage spray; cartridge life rating of 6 months.

Royale™ Hand Held
Filter is built into the hand held shower head; 5 way massage spray; cartridge life rating of 3 months.

Hose Filter
Attaches to any hand held shower head; cartridge life rating of 3 months.


Prefer To Take Baths???

We haven’t forgotten you! The lack of threads on tub spouts makes traditional filtering of bath water impractical. But you can remove the chlorine a couple of other ways.

Sprite’s Mediterranean Blue Bath Salts feature the same patented Chlorgon® in crystal form along with sea salts and epson salts. No scent or fragrance; can be used with other bath products. Simply pour a capfull in the bath and voila! Chlorine free water.

The Cuzn Bath Ball, by Cuzn Water Systems removes the harmful effects of chlorine with the KDF Filter Foam Power Disk. Just hang the bath ball from your tub spout, allowing the water to pass through the ball. The KDF foam filter effectively removes the chlorine while still allowing the water to pass through the filter. No need to drag the filter through the water! Dechlorinates up to 26,000 gallons.


Shop Online for replacement cartridges:

High Output Cartridge - fits both the plastic and brass High Output shower filters

Slim-Line Cartridge - fits both the Slimline and Royale All in One shower filters

Hose Cartridge - fits both the Royale Hand Held shower filter and the Shower Hose filter

Cuzn Cartridge - fits the Cuzn bath ball

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