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About Custom Pure

Our Approach to Water Treatment

Are you confused with the water filter choices and frustrated with the lack of trained help at the "big box" hardware stores? Do you wonder if the filter your plumber offers is really the best for your particular needs? If you buy that filter from Uncle Joe, will he still be selling them when the filter needs to be serviced?  Can you really believe the health claims some sales reps are making?  At Custom Pure, we offer a variety of filtration systems to meet your particular needs. But even more importantly, we are trained professionals ready to help you determine what type of water treatment equipment is needed for your particular application.

Since 1981, Custom Pure has been helping customers select the right equipment and maintaining the equipment to insure optimum performance.  We pride ourselves in educating our customers so they can make a sound, confident decision on their water treatment equipment. In fact, the most common reason people choose Custom Pure after researching the other options, is that we can answer their questions. If we don't have the answer, we'll try to find someone who does.

There is no such thing as a filter that takes everything out and never needs servicing. Also, no filter performs exactly the same way on all water supplies. We will take into consideration the type of water you have, the type of contaminants you may be concerned with, your capacity needs and flow rate requirements. Our professional training and years of experience in the water treatment business prepares us for accurately recommending the right equipment for you.

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