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Installation and Service

Is your office water filtered by a system your contractor installed? Who is servicing it?  Who is keeping track of when it needs to be serviced?  You are too busy doing your own work to have to worry about the quality of the water you and your employees are drinking.

Custom Pure will keep track of when your filter needs to be serviced and call you to arrange a time to get it done. If something is going wrong that needs some special attention, just give us a call to schedule service               206-363-0039

Our Service Technician will arrive ready to monitor your system's performance; service the filter where indiciated; and will sanitize your cooler, if you have one.

We prefer to do a site survey before we offer a firm quote and do any new installations.  This is a free service that takes only about 15 minutes.  We look at the installation site to insure that there is sufficient room for the equipment and discuss with you the optimal location, if there are options available.  The site survey also insures that the Service Technician will arrive with the precise equipment needed and be able to get in, do the job, and get out; minimizing any disruption to your work place.  Call us for a site survey - 206-363-0039.

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