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Bottle Free Dispenser

The bottle free dispensers are usually about the same size as the traditional bottled water cooler.  But instead of having a bottle on top, the  dispenser has a reservoir inside and is plumbed directly to the water line and a filter, allowing the reservoir to refill with clean, delicious water automatically.

Our assortment of available coolers changes from time to time.  Most are standard models that offer hot and cold water.  Some are deluxe models that include special electronics that make the cooler highly energy efficient. A couple of models have the water taps at an elevated level, reducing the need to bend over when filling a container.  We even have counter top models for offices with limited floor space.

Filter inside or outside.
We typically install the water filter under a sink, near the water source.  This installation plan provides the greatest flexibility in selecting the type and size of filter that will best meet your water quality and capacity demands.

When installing a filter under a sink is not an option we will consider a bottle free dispenser that has an internal space for the filter.  This restricted space can sometimes limit the type and size filter to be considered.

Because Custom Pure is an independent dealer, we can purchase bottle free dispensers from almost any manufacturer.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, just let us know and we will try to special order it for you. 

Water dispensers do not survive shipping via UPS.  Because of the high cost of shipping only one cooler on a pallet, we usually restrict our offering of coolers to our local customers so that we can deliver the dispenser and filter ourselves.  If you are not in the greater Seattle area, please contact us.  We may be able to direct you to a dealer in your area.                               

Are you ready for quality drinking water but without the bottles? Just request a Work Place Water Consultation and we will recommend equipment specific to your needs.

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