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Installation and Service

Custom Pure drinking water filters have been designed so that you can install and service them yourself.  However, if you have more important things to do than spend an hour or two under your sink, our Service Technicians can do it for you.

Call ahead to schedule your appointment.  206-363-0039 

We are often booked out a couple of weeks.  Our Service Technicians will arrive at your door prepared to do the job.  If they are encountering delays, they will call ahead to notify you.  Our Service Techncians are our employees.  We do not contract out this work.

The installations usually take about two hours.  Servicing of an existing filter takes about one hour.

Our standard service charge is $135 per hour  with a minimum of one hour.  If you live within our usual service area, there is no additional charge for travel time.  Outside our service area, the hourly rate may be greater or there will be an additional travel charge.  

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