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Carbon Block Tandem

Carbon Block Tandem

Item #: 10-CB-TAND
Our Price: $345.00
Faucet Style:
Faucet Finish:  


This filter produces delicious tasting water by removing the chlorine, organic chemicals, lead, cryptosporidium, and giardia. The fluoride and dissolved minerals (except lead) remain in the water. The Carbon Block Tandem offers far greater convenience and lower maintenance cost than pitcher filters and faucet mounted filters.

This filter includes two activated carbon cartridges.  Both remove chlorine. One cartridge removes the organic chemicals and the other cartridge removes the parasites.

The installation kit includes the standard, polished chrome dedicated faucet.   You can also choose to upgrade your faucet from our  selection of designer faucets.  When ordering this filter, select the desired faucet style and finish.  If an upgrade faucet has been selected, the purchase price will adjust accordingly.  If you desire a faucet finish other than polished chrome or satin (brushed) nickel, please contact us by phone or email to place a special order.

The ease of installation is entirely dependent on the details of your installation site and your skill set and comfort level with plumbing work.  We are happy to install it for customers in the Seattle area, for an additional charge.

This carbon filter is best suited for people desiring a filter that produces water with great taste but leaves the fluoride in the water. This filter is easy to use and is moderately priced. It should only be used on chlorinated water supplies.  If you aren't sure this is the right system for your water supply or your water needs, please contact us through the Residential Water Consultation and get the dialog started..

Annual Replacement Parts: Carbon: Pb-Omni-10 (15-CB-PB-10) ; Carbon: FX CL2 (15-CB-FXCL2-10);

Estimated Maintenance Cost $76 per year.

Dimensions: 13-3/4"hx11-1/4"wx5-1/2"d.


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