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Self-Serve Water

Custom Pure’s Self-Serve Bottled Water is a great way to have your own supply of the cleanest, freshest water. At 17 self-serve locations throughout Seattle, the Eastside, Olympia and Port Townsend, you can fill your own bottles with Custom Pure Water at a fraction of the cost of buying prepackaged bottled water.
Why bottle your own water?

First, it's a bargain. Whether you have it delivered or bring it home yourself, the expensive part of prepackaged bottled water is the packaging and delivery. When you fill your own reusable bottles and take them home with your other groceries, you keep the savings. Prices vary between 40 cents and 49 cents per gallon.

Second, your water is fresh. You always know where your water comes from and how long it has been stored in the bottles when you fill it yourself. With prepackaged bottled water, it's not uncommon to see bottles sit on the shelf for as long as six months to a year.

Third, you help protect the environment. Your bottles will get used over and over again instead of being thrown away after just one use. Incredible resources are expended with prepackaged bottled water - filtering, packaging, boxing and wrapping, shipping to distribution, shipping to the store, un-boxing, and storage on the shelf. Then the bottle is taken home, emptied, and thrown away. Why waste all the resources when it can be so simple? Here's your opportunity to get into the recycling loop.

Visit Custom Pure Self-Serve locations for your own supply of quality Custom Pure Bottled Water.  Bottles and accessories are available for purchase online.

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