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Water Check Test

Water Check Test

Item #: 65-WATERCHECK-2
Our Price: $175.00


This test kit is for people on a private water supply who need a full spectrum analysis of their water source. Water Check will give you the test results on 80+ different parameters to let you know what is in your water. Contaminants tested for include: coliform bacteria*, 15 metals (iron, manganese, lead, arsenic, etc), 10 inorganics (fluoride, nitrates, TDS, etc.) and physical factors (pH, hardness, turbidity, etc.), 48 volatile organics (trihalomethanes, etc.) and 20 pesticides and herbicides.

Purchase the water sampling kit. Take your samples and prepare them for shipping to the National Testing Labs. Two to three weeks later you will receive a computer print out of the test results. Custom Pure will also receive a copy of the results. Contact us about any questions you may have about the results and possible need for water treatment.

*Although it does include a bacteria test, this requires that the test samples arrive at the lab within 24 hours of taking the sample.  This  can result in enormous shipping cost without any guarantee that the sample arrives in time for the lab to process it.  Instead, we recommend using a local lab for the bacteria testing.  You can hand deliver a water sample to a local lab and insure its timely arrival.  None of the other tests included in Water Check require a time frame for delivery of the sample. 


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