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Carbon: Cyst (Cryptosporidium) 1m-10

Carbon: Cyst (Cryptosporidium) 1m-10

Item #: 15-CB-FX-Cyst-10
Our Price: $41.00


This is a coconut shell,  activated carbon block cartridge that is rated at .5 microns nominal filtration (1 micron absolute). It improves the taste and odor by removing chlorine.  It meets the NSF/ANSI Component Standard 42 .  

We use this cartridge in our systems primarily for chlorine and parasite removal.

This is the replacement cartridge for the pre filter in the following models:

  • Counter Top MB612 (10-CT-MB612),
  • MB612 EB and FS styles,
  • MB618 EB and FS styles
  • MB618 PLUS EB style
  • MB818 EB and FS styles


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