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MB818 Plus - EB Style

MB818 Plus - EB Style

Item #: 10-MB818PLUS
Our Price: $1,038.00


All MB Series Filters produce high purity water, similar in quality to distilled or reverse osmosis water. 98% of all contaminants are removed including fluoride and lead, as well as chlorine, organic chemicals, sediment, and parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia.    MB Series filters are very eco friendly  because they do not require electricity, nor do they produce any waste water.   The highly purified water  is produced at a rate of one gallon per minute, making a storage reservoir unnecessary. The primary treatment method used is deionization by ion exchangeActivated carbon is also used as a pre filter and post filter.

The filter comes with the standard, polished chrome dedicated faucet that is designed for use with high purity water.   You can also choose to upgrade your faucet from our  selection of designer faucets.  When ordering this filter, select the desired faucet style and finish.  If an upgrade faucet has been selected, the purchase price will adjust accordingly.  If you desire a faucet finish other than polished chrome or satin (brushed) nickel, please contact us by phone or email to place a special order.

This extended bracket (EB) style comes with two resin tanks to gain greater capacity.  The resin tanks can be located to the rear of a sink base cabinet.  The cartridge housings can be mounted on either side of the cabinet.  The three sections are connected by five lengths of polyethylene tubing.   The filter comes with installation instructions for you to install yourself and you may preview the installation instructions by looking at the owner’s manual.  The ease of installation is entirely dependent on the details of your installation site and your skill set and comfort level with plumbing work.  We are happy to install it for customers in the Seattle area, for an additional charge.  Please call us to make an appointment.

Estimated Capacity:
Choosing the proper size filter is vitally important.  We recommend getting a filter that  has the capacity to meet your needs for a full year before it needs servicing (replacement of filtration media). On low mineral content water supplies (similar to Seattle tap water), this particular filter can have a capacity of approximately 2800 gallons.  This size filter is commonly used on water supplies with elevated mineral content.  When used on a water supply with an elevated mineral content, the filter should be  monitored on a regular basis to determine when servicing is needed.  It can be monitored with a TDS tester.

We want to be sure you receive a filter that will have a reasonable capacity on your water supply. If you  are outside the Seattle area and have not yet  contacted us about the proper size filter for you , please use our Residential Water  Consultation  to get the dialog started.  We will not ship an MB Series filter outside the Seattle area unless we already have information about your source water and the number of users in the household.

Annual Replacement Parts:  Recharge MB818 (10-RC-MB818); Carbon: Cyst-Omni (15-CB-FX-Cyst-10); Carbon: GAC-10-CPR (15-GAC-10.1). Estimated cost $392 per year.

Dimensions: Each tank 21.25" t x 9.25 "diameter. Bracketed Pre and Post filter:  14" h x 16" w x 5"d.  Contact us for possible modifications to accommodate your space if the 16" width is too long for your available space.  We have some other ways to build this.


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