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Acid-Alkaline Water Ionizers

A Perspective from Custom Pure - the water store
Seattle, Washington

James R. Fox, PhD, CWS-V, CI
Patricia M. Fox, MBA, CWS-V

Anyone who has been approached by someone selling water ionizers wants more information.  Could the claims being made possibly be true?  Is this a scam?  The internet is often the first place people turn to for research, but there one finds two extremes: people either trying to sell a particular brand of machine, or denouncing it as a fraud with no evidence of even having used a water ionizer.  So what is one to believe? We decided it was time to investigate more deeply.  Our primary motivation for this endeavor was to help us decide if we should add an ionizing machine to our product line.  After all, our own customers were asking us about the technology.

We bought an ionizer and set out to test it for ourselves.  We reviewed promotional DVDs; researched textbooks on water chemistry, biochemistry, and human physiology; and made use of professional consultations as well as information available on the internet.  We found that much of the internet content was heavily biased, with minimal descriptions of the respective authors' backgrounds and frames of reference.  With that in mind, we commence with sharing information about our background.

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Article Outline:

Our background and frame of reference
What these machines do
Observations on using the ionizer
Marketing – the art of persuasion
Additional References

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