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What Customers Say

We have always been very gratified by the support and appreciative comments we receive from our customers. We would like to share with you a few of the notes our customers have written us:


When it comes to air and water, what we all want is the opportunity to inhale pure air and drink pure water.

 Ten years ago my wife and I fell in love with and built our dream house on South Whidbey Island, because we felt the air was magic; a twenty-minute ferry ride from traffic nightmares to a touch of rural America.

 The water was another issue. The well produces plenty of water; and fortunately there is no bacterial problem. But the iron and manganese in the water is significant, and water softening alone was insufficient to produce the kind of water we wanted to drink and use in washing vegetables. 

 Custom Pure had been our under-sink solution in our previous home in Bellevue. I wanted to treat all the water in our home that would be used for kitchen and drinking. Reverse osmosis was not a solution because the process wastes a great deal of water. We have tried distillation in the past, and it is a maintenance headache. So, designing our new home, we consulted Jim and Pat Fox at Custom Pure for a solution that met our needs for a third (after cold and hot water circuits) water circuit for drinking and making salads. The solution does not fit under a sink; a large purification media tank sits in the garage and supplies cold-water faucets and drinking water outlets throughout the house. Supplemented by a carbon filter, the results are just as we had hoped; clean refreshing water to drink and make salads, convenience throughout the house wherever we want clean water, including such niceties as washing your glasses and without mineral deposits. Bottom line: a reliable contaminant level below 1 part per million.

I was concerned about the cost of maintaining the system, and indeed at the beginning we had to replace the tank every two months. Jim tackled the problem for us and other customers, many of whom are commercial clean water users, and steadily over the years we progressed to longer and longer filter replacement periods. We are now reliably over six months, and I replace the tanks at that time not because my contaminant meter tells me to, but because I think it is good practice to keep the source of water clean and fresh.

 Jim and Pat have made it very easy; they provide us an extra tank which standing by in the garage; every six months I switch it over and bring the spent media tank to Custom Pure on one of my trips across Saratoga Passage back to the mainland and trade it in. You may not want a “whole house” solution; but the first word in the company name “Custom Pure” tells the story that what you need is what the company addresses.

 I sent Pat an email and offered to provide this testimonial; it is a tribute to both the substance of clean water and the style of a first class little company that listens to its customers and cares.

Peter Morton



"In May of 2002 our building, Watertown Hotel, transferred from construction phase to occupancy phase. We were soon made aware that the water contained a rubber-like flavor, associated with a mild chemical scent.

Thorough testing of all the associated components related to the water system indicated that the taste and smell were due to two knowns, that being the chlorine content of the City Water System and the type of adhesive used for assembly of the distribution system within our building.

Contacts were quickly pursued to examine the results of our testing and explore possible options to correct this situation. Several filtration companies were contacted and invited to partake in this endeavor. Some never responded and some offered one given solution without even researching the details of our needs.

This invitation was readily accepted by James Fox, Ms, PhD from Custom Pure. Jim took the time to scrutinize all our test parameters,procedures and results. This process was time consuming for Custom Pure and resulted in an honest text book explanation that covered the molecular makeup of chlorine (and the many other particulate and non particulate matters) and then he offered several options to correct the situation - complete with pros and cons of each. Jim’s concerted effort to provide a professional fix was always tempered with the financial repercussions for our upstart hotel. Upon acceptance of bid, each guest sink was fitted with point of use filtration. The materials used were of the highest quality and the installations were done without ever needing rework or causing disruption to our Hotel’s operation. The install was completed within both time and cost parameters.

From the original telephone contact, ensuing discussions, bid proposals, install process to the continuing product support; the team at Custom Pure Water Filtration Systems provides timely support and product integrity. At Watertown Hotel, we pride ourselves with providing Legendary Service to our guests. It is comforting to receive this level of support from a supplier which in-turn enables us to provide even better services for our guests. A heartfelt Thank You to everybody at Custom Pure."

- Gwynn Goble, Watertown Hotel

"Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!! The below the counter filter system you sold us was super easy to install in a very short time and the resulting drinking water is so unbelievably sweet that it caresses the tongue and mouth with pure bliss. The set up is just so perfect for us!!!!

Also a heartfelt thank you for your kindness, compassion and incredible knowledge about your product. After the abusive dealings with the mail order outfit, coming to you was like walking into the arms of gentle, safe friends. One who truly care about their fellow man. Mountains of Thanks!"

- K & M Prater

"I have been a very happy, satisfied customer of the Custom Pure - the water store since 1989. Jim and Pat Fox are truly experts on pure water systems; they share their knowledge, have friendly helpful staff and I am sure that the Custom Pure water filters they have installed in my kitchen and shower have made a positive difference in the health of my family. Jim and Pat really care about people and it shows every day in the way they run their Water Store."

- B. Crooks-Renshaw

"I first found Custom Pure over 20 years ago when they were originally developing their innovative line of water purification methods. They have custom designed products for me from a system hooked to a barn to capture and purify rain water, to a three stage (on demand) system for my kitchen. The Custom Pure products are some of the most cost effective and thorough devices around."

- C. Bommarito

"About 7 years ago my daughter would complain about her stomach hurting every time she drank water. I didn't think anything of it until I was talking to a friend who told me about all the metals that can be in our drinking water. At that point I began to buy water from the grocery store and started to research water filtration systems. A friend of mine who was having a lot of health problems due to environmental contaminants told me about Custom Pure. It was the best system she had found for her health concerns. I bought the system and love it. My daughter's complaints ended and we all began drinking much more water. It is hooked up to our ice maker in our refrigerator and now the neighbor kids come in just to get a tall glass of our Custom Pure water! I think that alone is a great testimony to the quality of water we have through Custom Pure!"

- A. Briggs

"I just love doing business with Custom Pure whether in Seattle or here in Alaska. Prompt, professional, educated and down home honest and friendly service for the past six years. And spending a few moments in the store always (ALWAYS!) gave me smiles to take home with my #1 choice for drinking water, bar none, in Seattle. The equipment I purchased from you has served without any problems going on the third year. The annual servicing is still as efficient as ever, even to Alaska."

- S. Martin


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