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Commercial Water Filtration

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In addition to drinking water, many industries have other specific needs related to water.  Contaminants in water can alter the way food tastes, can reduce the serviceable life of costly equipment and can leave spots where there should be none.  Custom Pure has a long history with helping companies from a variety of industries manage their water quality problems.

Restaurants are going green and looking for alternatives to single serving bottled water.  Custom Pure has helped them produce water with the quality of bottled water, but without the disposable bottles. We can also purify the ice and food preparation water to insure there is no chlorine taste to interfere with flavors of the food.  We often use activated carbon and/or deionization by ion exchange in restaurants. 

Espresso Shops can use activated carbon or deionization for better tasting coffee. And they also benefit from polyphosphate filters to control corrosion and thereby protect the espresso machine. 

Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries may need a specific contaminant removal while also requiring fast flow rates and large volumes of water.  We custom build our filters to accommodate the process needs of our customers.

Aquarium Maintenance businesses understand the critical importance of water quality and the health of the fish.  They often require filters that can remove dissolved and particulate metals as well as alter pH.  Our deionization filters can produce ultra pure water, at fast flow rates, don’t waste water and are portable.

Grocery Produce Departments require their mister water to not leave spots on the mirror.  Organic produce should be washed with water free of chlorine and fluoride.  They often have the added challenge of limited space for water treatment equipment and their answer is Custom Pure’s deionization filters made from ion exchange resin.

Laser Cutters are used for precision cutting of metal, and require large quantities of mineral free water in order for the laser to function properly. Custom Pure’s specialty of deionization filters is again the answer to their water problem.

Window Washers and Car Washes also use our deionizaton filters to produce water that won’t leave spots.

Since each industry has their own particular needs, we customize each filter for our commercial customers.  Our chemist (and founder) Jim Fox PhD, is usually involved in the custom designing of the commercial filters. In order for him to do the proper design job, we need some information from you.  Sometimes a Free site survey may be necessary to help us better understand your needs and to design a system that will fit within a limited space.  And in some cases, you may be able to provide us with enough information to build what you need without a site survey.

You can get started by answering the questions on our Commercial Water Consultation form. We will then follow up with you to offer recommendations or arrange a site survey.  But do feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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