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Water Guide

No single filter will perform perfectly on all water supplies.  We need information from you to help determine what may be the best route for you.  In this Water Guide Section we give you several methods to help guide you along the way.

Our FREE Water Consultations ask that you fill out a short questionnaire and send it to us.  After we review the information, we may be able to make a recommendation right away. If we need further information, we may ask that you send us a water sample; or we may contact you for more information. If you are considering a filter for a business in our local area, we may ask to schedule an appointment with you so that we can see the potential installation site.  All these options are a FREE service to insure that we recommend the proper equipment for your needs.

Comparing Water Treatment Systems
This will give you  side-by-side comparison information about drinking water systems as it relates to water purity, convenience and cost.

Choosing a System
This decision tree will help you independently determine what drinking water treatment method may be right for you.

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