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Gravity Feed Filter

If you have a recreational property, or want to be prepared with clean, safe water in any emergency, the Aqua Rain filter is a simple yet effective drinking water solution. Simply pour water into the upper container. The water is filtered as it passes through the ceramic cartridges and drips into the lower container. Filtered water is then dispensed from the easy-to-use valve. There is no need for water pressure, electricity, chemicals, or pumps.

Aqua RainCheck out the features of Aqua Rain Models 404 and 400:

  • Highest quality ceramic cartridges for maximum microbiological protection.
  • Both exceed USEPA standards for removal of bacteria and protozoa.
  • .2 to .3 absolute micron rating means clean, safe water.
  • Internal carbon block core reduces chemicals, bad tastes, and odors.
  • End-of-life gauge for guaranteed protection throughout the life of the filter.
  • Hard ceramic formulation will last through more cleanings for a longer life.
  • 3 gallon reservoir means fewer fillings and better overnight production.
  • Overlap design prevents product water contamination from spillage when filling the upper container.
  • Housing design fully nests together for a compact smaller storage size (approx. 10" cube).

To help insure that you select the correct system for you, please answer the questions in Choosing a Drinking Water System.

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Need more details? Contact us and ask for the Aqua Rain Booklet. We'll mail a copy to you at no cost to you.


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