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Bottle Care

Clean, sanitized bottles keep your water fresh and good-tasting. The ozone (O3) injected into our water is capable of killing bacteria 1000 times faster than chlorine without producing the nasty by-products associated with chlorination. Because the ozone molecule is unstable, it will begin to revert back to the regular oxygen molecule (O2) in a matter of minutes. The ozonation provides a means of actively sanitizing your bottles while saturating your water with healthy oxygen.

After your bottles are empty, let them air dry before recapping. Occasionally rinse your bottles with water and baking soda to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

In some circumstances, you will need to do additional cleaning before refilling your bottles. For example, you should clean your bottles if you drink directly from the bottles, if the spout gets dirty,  if the water has been stored in sunlight and algae growth is apparent, or if the empty bottles were sealed before they dried.


If you want to clean your bottles more thoroughly, there is a simple way to sanitize your bottles: Mix 1 tablespoon of bleach (no fragrance) with 1 gallon of water. Swirl the water around inside your bottle so it contacts all the inside surfaces. Empty the chlorine mixture into another bottle and repeat the process until all your bottles have been treated.  Then rinse your bottles with tap water.   This will help insure that the next time you fill your bottles, you won't get a strong chlorine taste.  Then allow the bottles to air dry before recapping.

If you do not have your own bottles, you can buy  bottles and accessories at the self-serve locations or at our online store.

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