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Steam Distillation

Distillers boil the water and then collect and re-condense the steam.  The boiling serves to kill any micro-organisms as well as remove the water from the contaminants. The steam produced is collected in coils, and cooled by a fan.  This cooling condenses the steam back to the liquid form and is collected in a separate reservoir. Most contaminants remain in the boiling chamber. 

Benefits: Removal of >98% contaminants, including micro-organisms; can be used on just about any water supply.

Limitations:  Slow process – taking about 3 to 4 hours to produce one gallon of water; uses electricity; requires frequent cleaning of boiling chamber.

Used in combination with activated carbon to improve taste and to remove volatile organics which otherwise would move with the steam and remain in the distilled water.

Products Using Steam Distillation: Steam Distillers

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