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Aqua Rain Gravity Filter

Aqua Rain Gravity Filter
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Item #: 65-AQUARAIN
Our Price: $240.00


This is the solution for providing safe drinking water for recreational property or for emergency situations.  This system removes bacteria and paracites without water pressure or electricity!

Within the  ceramic cartridge shell is a dense and highly adsorptive carbon filter bed and sterile metallic silver which is added to maintain purity in the filter system.  These state-of-the art ceramic elements filter water in a very natural way by using gravity to gently draw water down through the "cultured" ceramic stone in much the same manner as nature processes ground water through the earth.  The micro-fine pore structure of the ceramic media will remove dangerous organisms such as protozoan cysts and microscopic bacteria.

This is best suited for people interested in making their water bacteriologically safe to drink but they don't have any water pressure. The water source may be fresh water from a stream, lake or well. This is also suitable for filtering bottled water that has been stored for over one year. If you aren't sure this is the right system for your water supply and your water needs, please make use of our free Residential Water Consultation and get the dialog started.

There are two models to choose from.  Both use the identical stainless steel housing.  The only difference is the number of cartridges used which directly impacts how much water can be processed in a day.

  • Model 404 uses 4 ceramic cartridges and can produce up to 32 gallons per day
  • Model 400 uses 2 ceramic cartridges and can produce up to 16 gallons per day.

Annual Replacement Parts: Aqua Rain Cartridges (15-AquaR); Estimated cost $42 per cartridge (4 cartridges per model).


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